Equipment Checkout

Making Reservations

Reserving an item

When you know in advance that you will need a certain type of equipment on a certain day(s), it is probably best to try to set up a reservation for that item.  We only have one or two of each of our equipment types available to be reserved, though.

NOTE: Specific appointments will be scheduled at which you can pick up and return the item. If you miss your pickup appointment, you may lose your reservation. If you miss your return appointment, you may be charged overdue fines.

  • The standard maximum loan period is 3 days (minor extensions can sometimes be arranged).
  • A patron can have no more than two reservations on our books for any type of item at any time.
  • Consecutive reservations for the same item by the same person are not allowed.

Click below to find out more about the reserve equipment and if it is available: 

To reserve one of these items, fill out and submit this form. If there are no conflicts with the date you want, then the item will be reserved for you and you will be notified via email. If there is some conflict, you also will be notified by email.

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Your Personal Information:

NOTE: you must include the 11th digit of your ID number. This number changes each time you get a new ID (e.g. 0 for your first ID, 1 for your second, etc..)

*Choose the item you want to reserve:

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*What day would you like (Calendar will open in a new window.)

*At what time do you want to pick up the item?

*At what time do you want to return the item?