Undergraduate Research Awards

Research in Progress Award

The Research in Progress Award is intended for projects that will not be completed prior to the Library Research Award deadline. Applicants for the Research in Progress Award must have already completed the library research process and should be able to demonstrate how several information sources will affect the final paper or project.

Selection Criteria

Submissions will be judged based on how well they demonstrate the following:

Research Strategy - Essay

  • Understands the variety and number of information sources necessary for a well-researched project.
  • Describes specific search strategies, including successes and dead-ends.
  • Reports on the databases, library catalogs, websites, bibliographies and other research tools used.

Selection and Evaluation of Information Sources - Essay

  • Uses a broad array of information sources (e.g., print, online, primary sources, research studies).
  • Establishes appropriate criteria for selecting and evaluating sources.
  • Selects information sources that are relevant and sufficient to support the project thesis.
  • Notes potential biases and contradictions in sources.

Intended Use of Resources in Project – Selected Sources

  • Plans to use gathered information sources to support an original argument, create an original artifact, or contribute to scholarly knowledge.

Demonstrated Growth in Research Abilities - Essay

  • Demonstrates knowledge of discipline-specific resources.
  • Exhibits an understanding of the research and inquiry process.
  • Suggests awareness of the different ways in which information is created and disseminated.

Promise of Final Project – Essay and Selected Sources

  • Uses library collections with sophistication, originality, or unusual depth or breadth.
  • Demonstrates originality of thought and mastery of content in topic area.
  • Displays exceptional stylistic quality and presents information with clarity in thought, writing, and organization.