Frequently Asked Questions

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Applications must include an up-to-date schedule to be considered.

Circulation Department

Circulation students work at the front desk and throughout the library. They assist patrons in locating library materials using the Library Catalog and handle check-out and check-in of items in the library. Circulation students are responsible for picking up the library, pushing in chairs, throwing away trash and collecting books and other materials left on tables.

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Computer & Media Center

The Computer & Media Center (CMC), located on the second floor, provides general student access to a variety of Macintosh and Windows hardware and software. CMC employees assist the patrons in learning what resources are available and how to use them. At a minimum, knowledge of either the Mac or Windows operating systems, as well as general knowledge of a number of common software packages is necessary when applying for this position.

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helen c white

Helen C. White began her UW Madison career as an English instructor in 1919. She taught for the English department until she died in 1967. In that time, she achieved numerous milestones including becoming the first woman full professor in the College of Letters and Sciences.

Helen C. White's life and career are covered in detail on this website.